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That’s how the whole neighborhood refers to the apartment where I live with three other college students. It’s a bit judgmental, considering the neighborhood we live in is more like a zoo than an apartment complex, but not inaccurate. If you put that many young guys together, things are bound to be interesting. I still maintain that the giant water guns filled with poison ivy water were not my idea.
January Dixon.
She’s the girl I’ve lusted after for years. A smart mouth and sharp tongue surrounded by soft beauty and a body I’d give up an organ just to touch. An important organ, like a kidney, not one of those lame ones like a gallbladder.
It’s a tricky situation since she lives right down the street, and dating a neighbor generally isn’t a good idea. But this is Violent Circle, where normal may as well be a dirty word. Thanks to an impromptu fashion show where I tossed all self-respect aside and strutted my stuff in full bondage gear in front of our small town, she now owes me a date.
And I plan to collect,

“So, we just chuck it out there and drag it in?” I ask.
“Pretty much. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to feel if you’ve caught something or if it’s just trapped between rocks. It’s not very rock here, so it’s a good beginner spot.”
A cute smile flashes across his face as he asks me, “Are your ready?”
“Let’s do it.”
“Later, beautiful, for now, we fish.”
A giggle escapes me as I reach for a rope. “Just show me how far to throw it.”
“We’ll do the first one together. Then we have to put some space between us so our magnets don’t find each other. When they get stuck together, they’re a bitch to pull apart.”
Handing me a pair of gloves, he grabs the rope, and we walk to the edge of the water. He throws the magnet hard, and it splashes as it disappears underwater. The current pulls a little on the rope, but the magnet is heavy enough to sink.”
Standing beside me, he says, “Just pull it nice and slow.”
“Are we still talking about the rope?” Before he can reply, I feel a slight tug. “I think I have something!”
Noble puts his hand on the rope in front of mine and tugs a little. “It’s something big.”
Excitement floods through me as I imagine all the things that could have ended up in the river. What if it’s a safe? A safe full of money!
“Keep pulling, steady and slow so you don’t lose it.”
The object is getting closer and closer, a little more and I’ll be able to see it. When I pull again, the rope won’t budge. “It’s stuck on something.”
I try to hand Noble the rope, but he moves behind me instead and reaches around my sides, gripping the rope along with me. Together, we manage to get it moving again without losing the mystery object.
My squeal of excitement make Noble laugh. “You aren’t having fun on our date, are you?” he teases
“As long as you understand I’m keeping all the money we find in the safe we’re dragging up.” His laughing scares away some nearby birds. “It’s like finding buried treasure,” I add.
“Don’t worry, there’s only one booty I’m interested in.”
“Pirate puns, really?”
“So, I’ll be swabbing my own deck?”
Laughing together, we give the rope one last heave and the object clangs, flips over, and lands in the mud.
“Don’t spend all that money in one place,” Noble snorts.
“A shopping cart? Who throws a shopping cart in the river?”
Noble sloshes through the mud and yanks the magnet free. “It’s not the first one I’ve snagged.”
“What’s the best thing you’ve caught?”
He turns and grins at me, giving me the urge to kiss that little dimple. “Your eye.”
It was a completely lame response. So why do I want to throw him down in the mud and ravage him? My lack of reply just makes his smile broaden.
“Ha! No comeback and you’re blushing. I think I won that one.”
“And what do you think you’ve won?”
Noble throws the magnet back out. “Well, another date, at least.”
“We aren’t even finished with this one.” I take the rope from him.
“No, all our dates have to end with a kiss.”
The thought of his lips on mine sends a spike of excitement through me, but I can’t let him see it.
Keeping my voice as nonchalant as possible, I ask, “So if I kiss you now, we can call it a day?”
Sauntering up to me, his grin falls, and his voice deepens. “Do you want me to kiss you, January?”
The rope in my hand is forgotten, dropped to the bank as his hand cups my jaw. His palms are warm against my face. He presses his soft lips to mine for a moment, then retreats, before kissing me again, just as tenderly. It’s the sweetest kiss I’ve ever been given, and my stomach explodes in butterflies like a teenage girls. It feels wonderful.
I’m so screwed.
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About the Author
S.M. Shade is a homeschooling mom hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper, love stories, sunshine, and men with full sexy lips, though not necessarily in that order. A voracious reader since sounding out her first word, she started writing as a teenager and rediscovered her love of writing as an adult. Originally from Indianapolis, she now lives in a small Kentucky town with her teenage son.
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Frat Hell (Violent Circle #2)

Frat Hell by S.M. Shade

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I laughed out loud so much in this book. This book was a quick paced read. There was so much going on. I could not put this book down. I was addicted from page one and my sides were splitting by the time I was done. I loved this story. It was different from anything I’ve read recently and I am loving this series. I can’t wait to see what is next!

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