“If you’re lying to me, if you knew, I will ruin everything you’re trying to do,” she whispers. “I will fuck you harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone, I swear on my life.” So fucking fierce. Determined and unafraid to go head to head, even when her amo could never match ours if push came to shove. It’s exactly why I was drawn to her when I never wanted to be. —— Gaaah!!! 💙💙💙❤ Trouble at Brayshaw is coming this Spring!!! Add to your TBR today: 💙 http://bit.ly/TABrayb2 Start book one NOW! 💙 https://ift.tt/2JrkQIy ——- Did you know members of my reader group saw this early?? Join to be the first in the know! 💙 Meagan Brandy’s Reader Group © Meagan Brandy 2019 —- Edit by the lovely Musings of the Modern Belle

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