Insatiable by Mickey Miller – Live 7/18/19 What do you do when you accidentally end up in bed with your sexy, much younger neighbor?  You act like it never happened, of course.  You never kissed each other after that third glass of wine.  You definitely didn’t swoon when he played you a song on his guitar. Never ran your hands over those rippled abs.  And you definitely didn’t have the hottest – most toe curling – wild night of your life with him. Never happened. This summer was for getting over my divorce, not under a musician. There’s one little problem though.  You don’t choose who you fall in love with.  Maddox Brewer is a rockstar and too young for me. But when it comes to love, nothing is ever simple. Bestselling Author Mickey Miller brings you a steamy romance about what happens when sparks fly between an older woman and a younger man. Add to your Goodreads here:

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