Plumbing The Virgin By Tia Louise 🤩FREE AUDIO!!!🤩 “Plumbing the Virgin,” a brand-new, stand-alone audiobook, will be featured on the Read Me Romance Podcast this week!!!! What is “Plumbing the Virgin?” you ask…. Well, I’ll tell you! If you’ve read WHEN WE TOUCH and/or WHEN WE KISS, then you might remember Donna, the shy little country gal who was afraid of sex… (Remember, Ms. Betty had Emberly make the penis cake for Donna’s bachelorette party?) Well, this is Donna + Liam’s story… specifically how Donna manages to get over her fear of Liam’s “pipe.” (Spoiler alert = Donna’s the virgin. Liam’s the plumber. I tell ya, there were so many jokes to be had writing this story…) It’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s HOT! Listen to “Plumbing the Virgin” on the Read Me Romance podcast THIS WEEK, Aug. 12-16, narrated by Beth Roeg & Lance Greenfield! Hosted by Alexa Riley & Tessa Bailey! ✔️SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN NOW:

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