🖤 BLURB & RELEASE DATE REVEAL 🖤 Carrie Aarons just announced her first release of 2020, and it’s an epic high school romance standalone that will bring you to your knees 😍😭 Hometown Heartless is about the boy next door who went to war and returned home a changed man, and the girl who has always waited for him. It’s filled with angst, the best kind of new adult drama, and a brooding anti-hero you’ll swoon all over! Add it to your TBR: bit.ly/HHtoberead If you’re a blogger and want an ARC, sign up here: bit.ly/HHblitz BLURB ——————————— One year ago, the boy next door was captured as a prisoner of war. The boy whose window faces mine. The backyard buddy who bandaged up my skinned knees. The childhood crush that kept me up at night, wondering if he’d ever be my boyfriend. The town hero I wrote endless letters to after he shipped out. The green-eyed charmer who promised me a kiss the day I turned eighteen. And now, he’s home. But he didn’t come back as the boy I once knew. He’s a man now, one with demons I can’t comprehend. The damaged soldier keeps telling me I’m not his anymore. That the war took him, turned him into someone unrecognizable. What he hasn’t considered is that it took me, too. He swears there is nothing left between us, that his heart died overseas. But with each look through our windows, we both know his lies are just that. With each fated meeting, the truth only becomes more evident. Everett Brock occupies the shadows now. And as much as I try to pull him into the light, it seems the switch is permanent. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m willing to follow him into the darkness.

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/2rQVU55

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