✮ ✮ Start the #Carsonbrothers series now for 99 pennies! ✮ ✮ Bringing five annoying but seriously hot Australians to your fingertips.  #Purchase KIT → mybook.to/KITcarsonbrothers Add to your #TBR →  http://bit.ly/KITTBR >>BLURB<< Stay invisible. Keep people out. Avoid the pain. That's how Eve decided to live after her family was murdered in front of her. A year later, her love of photography was the only thing that brought her happiness. It was going to be impossible to stay invisible when Kit, a cocky Australian classmate in her photography class, decided that his new favourite hobby wasn’t boxing, it was trying to get under her skin. Kit might have been everything she was trying to avoid, but the more he hung around her, the more he edged past her well-built defences to the one spot she couldn’t afford to let him in: her heart. No matter how much she tried to protect herself, Kit was hiding secrets of his own, and they had the ability to change Eve’s life drastically. If there was a thin line between love and hate, what happens when that love is betrayed? #99cents #99pence #romancebooks #enemiestolovers #authorsrdyble #kindleunlimited

View on Instagram https://ift.tt/36G9eHX

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