♤♡◇♧☆《NEW RELEASE & AVAILABLE IN KU》☆♧◇♡♤ New Author Alert!!! Betrayal by Billie Jo Cover Design by Cover Me Darling Editing & Formatting by Cool Cat Covers Blurb: We all have friends that we’ve known our entire lives, some we’d even classify as family. That’s what Zoe is to me. My best friend. My sister from another mister. Since the time I moved to the neighborhood, we’ve been inseparable. But even though we’ve been through everything together, I’ve always felt insignificant when it came to Zoe. Zoe is beautiful, popular and always gets what she wants… Sometimes she even gets what I want… Now that we’re in college and at separate schools, it’s my chance to get what I want. Zack is the IT guy on campus, all the girls want him but for some reason he wants me. When break rolls around, I invite Zack to come home with me to meet my family and Zoe. But when the two most important people in my life meet for the first time, it’s like water and oil. Limits are pushed. Boundaries are tested. Will my relationships with two of the people I love most in the world survive the storm? Or is the betrayal too much? Purchase Link →  https://ift.tt/2Sk3ekg Follow Billie Jo on FB → https://ift.tt/3bAvqXA #DebutAuthor #Betrayal #BillieJo #NewAdult #Romance #CollegeRomance #ContemporaryRomance #Romance #Books #NewBooks #NewRelease

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