AUCTIONED TO THE A-LISTER by @taylorhwrites is NOW AVAILABLE and FREE in Kindle Unlimited!! Blurb: I snuck into a charity ball and accidentally got myself auctioned off to Hollywood’s sexiest, most eligible bachelor. This is going to be VERY hard to explain to my evil stepmother. I escaped my monotonous life for one enchanted evening. I even danced with a prince. Tommy Prince, America’s most lusted-after movie star. He must have liked me because he decided to cut a one-hundred thousand dollar check to the Humpback Whale Consevation Fund to take me out on a date. But it’s only a matter of time before this fantasy shatters. I’m not the typical Hollywood arm-candy. I’m an awkward, nerdy virgin working a dead-end job, while he’s the hottest actor in the world. His rugged good looks, alpha attitude, and dogged pursuit of me is making him impossible to resist. But my fame-hungry stepmother has her own plans for Tommy, namely my shallow, beauty queen stepsisters. When I’m safe in his strong arms I can imagine a happily ever after for us, but my life has been no fairy tale so far. I might have to give Tommy up to keep my crazy step-family from destroying us both… Auctioned to the A-Lister’ is a sweet and sexy romcom featuring a brilliant, alpha Hollywood hero and a nerdy, plucky girl next door on a crazy road to happily ever after. It stands alone with no cheating, cliffhangers, or nonsense.

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