🥃 FREE BOOK ALERT! 🥃 On the Rocks by Kandi Steiner is FREE for five days only! ➔ bit.ly/OTRAmazon On the Rocks is an Amazon Top 50 bestseller and book one in the bestselling Becker Brothers Series! The last book, Old Fashioned, comes out on March 19th. This is the perfect time to binge the series and get caught up before release day! Not in the mood to read a whole series? No worries! On the Rocks can be read as a complete stand-alone! What kind of romance is it? ➔ country ➔ small town ➔ four brothers series (each book is a standalone!) ➔ angsty (she’s engaged to someone else 😬, and, she’s the mayor’s daughter, while he’s a troublemaker who works at the local whiskey distillery) ➔ mystery (can the brothers solve the mystery of their father’s death?) ——————————————————- Noah Becker is nothing but trouble. That’s what Mama told me when I was a kid, kicking his pew in church and giggling at the games we’d play. It’s what the town said when his father died and the Becker brothers went wild. And it’s on repeat in my mind the day I walk into the whiskey distillery where he works to buy a wedding gift for my fiancé. He’s trouble.  Dirty, sweaty, rude trouble. No matter how many times I repeat it, I can’t escape Noah in our small Tennessee town. And the more I run into him, the more he infuriates me. Because he sees what no one else does. He sees me—the real me. The me I’m not sure I’m allowed to be. I’m Ruby Grace Barnett, the mayor’s daughter. Soon to be a politician’s wife, just like Mama and Daddy always wanted. Soon to fulfill my family’s legacy, just like I always knew I would. Until the boy everyone warned me about makes me question everything, like whether the wedding I’m planning is one I even want, at all. Everyone says Noah Becker is nothing but trouble. If only I had listened. ——————————————————- Read the other brothers before release day! (each book can be read as a stand-alone) On the Rocks (FREE!) ➔ amzn.to/2F6GgGg Neat (book 2, modern day Romeo & Juliet) ➔ amzn.to/34TXYs3 Manhattan (book 3, friends-to-lovers) ➔ amzn.to/2YYgpcs Old Fashioned (book 4, spor

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