Check out this duel cover reveal for THE OBSESSION DUET by @authorjlbeck and @cassandra_hallman!! Cruel Obsession releases February 28th!!! Cruel Obsession Blurb: We were only kids when I made the vow to protect her.  First from the monsters hiding under the bed and then the ones roaming the world freely.  My obsession with Dove wasn’t normal, it toed the line on psychotic but my love for her overshadowed that. I’d killed, destroyed and hurt those that had done her wrong. I’d watched her for years wanting to claim her but refusing too. I was both her guardian angel and the demon lurking in the shadows.  She was mine, even though she didn’t know it yet.  I had planned to let her live her life, while I watched from afar.  Until one night, everything changed, and I was forced to kidnap her.  She doesn’t remember me.  She begs me to let her go.  But I can’t. I won’t.  There are things she doesn’t know. Secrets I cannot tell her but one thing is clear.  I’ll die before I ever let her slip through my fingers.

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