Crowne of Lies, an all-new delicious and red-hot marriage of convenience romance guaranteed to melt your kindle, from New York Times bestselling author @cdreiss is coming February 28th, and we have your FIRST sneak peek! “I don’t think your mother’s convinced,” I said, letting him lead our dance.  He glanced up at his parents, then back at me. “Let’s fix that.” When he leaned down to kiss me, I put my hands flat on his chest. Logan wasn’t my type. He had things I needed now, but nothing I wanted for the future. I’d die of boredom with him, and I was clearly not what he had in mind when he imagined a happy marriage. But some things needed to be said out loud. “Wait,” I said. “We have to get divorced at some point, and…” I paused to organize my thoughts and failed. “There’s a lot of kissing and… it’s necessary. I understand. But the thing is…” I stopped myself, meeting the cool blue of his eyes. “I don’t want you to get confused.” “About what?” “We’re getting divorced.” Anyone who heard his laughter without hearing what we were talking about would have thought he was delighted with the woman he loved. “Yes, Estella. We’re getting divorced.” “No feelings,” I said. “Right?” “None whatsoever.” “Okay. Kiss me.” Read the entire sneak peek→ Preorder your copy today→ #crowneoflies #cdreiss #igreads #comingsoon #bookstagram #sneakpeek #booknerd #kindleunlimited @socialbutterfly_pr

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