Wait for Me by Tia Louise is now available on audio! Narrated by Patrick Zeller and Emma Wilder, listen in and experience all the feels. Dear Taron, I should have told you this a long time ago…. Dear Taron, Is there a time limit on forgiveness? If there is, I haven’t reached it…. Dear Taron, I still love you…. A letter never sent. Heck, I never even finished it…. Taron Rhodes was my brother’s best friend. He was sexy as sin. But he was more than that…. He was ponytail-pulling, ice-down-your-shirt teasing, throw-you-in-the-lake screaming…. Strong, tanned arms and blue-green eyes over a heart-stopping, naughty grin…. Did I mention his tight end?  I gave him my first real kiss, my heart, my everything. I said I’d wait for him…. I’m still waiting, because Taron Rhodes is still the man of my dreams, And I have a secret that has his blue-green eyes.  Noel LaGrange stole my heart when she was only 18 – pushing me off a flatbed and calling me a city slicker.  Her brother Sawyer would kick my ass if he knew how many times we made out that summer, how close we got.  Everything changed when Sawyer and I joined the military.  We were honorably discharged, but I didn’t go to her. Instead, I went back to the city…where no amount of money, no amount of pills can heal this wound.  Only her whiskey eyes and dark hair, her slim arms and her sweet scent, give me hope.  I broke her heart just as surely as I broke mine, but I’m going back to make it right. If she’s still waiting…. (Wait for Me is a stand-alone second-chance military romance with a guaranteed HEA. No cheating. No cliff-hangers.) START LISTENING TODAY! Audible US: https://ift.tt/2wCdOL9 Audible UK: https://ift.tt/37S90OR Audible FR: https://ift.tt/2v4dRPq Audible DE: https://ift.tt/32dTw6o

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