💋💋 HOT COVER REVEAL 💋💋 Some rivals can be fatal to your heart, but, It’s Just High School… Devious Kisses, an all-new angst filled standalone, enemies to lovers, contemporary new adult romance from author @author_thandie is coming July 1st! Add to your TBR today! Cover image by Michelle Lancaster @lanefotograf Cover model: Chase Mattson Cover design: Cat Imb of TRC Designs BLURB Here’s the 411 about high school—well, at least for my high school, Clintwood Academy. 1. It’s a fucking warzone. 2. Everyone has a grudge against someone else. 3. It’s the breeding ground for losers, jealous broken-hearted girls and acne covered fools with zero game. 4. The disgustingly rich kids are vile, vindictive, popular and the mecca of a social life worth a damn. 5. Lastly, high school is simply, survival of the fittest. And I was the fittest of them all. Once. Once before I was set up to take the fall for an attempted murder of one of the Fitz brothers, the golden boys of St. Jude High, our sworn rival enemy. Before I was played for a kiss and it worked. Now, the Fitz brothers hate me. They suspect me. They want to destroy me. They know everything about me, and I hate them for it. And now, we’ll all be living together, like one big, happy step-family. With secrets brimming, hatred festering, and other feelings I have no business having for my step-cousin-brothers or whatever, haunting me night and day. Now, let’s kiss and be forever rivals… Add Devious Kisses to your TBR: https://bit.ly/3cg7Xef. Be notified first when Devious Kisses is live: http://bit.ly/2ziG9Eb_NL #deviouskisses #thandiempofu #coverreveal #igreads #kindleunlimited #enemiestolovers #wildfiremarketingsolutions

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