THE JOCK  by @authorjlbeck & @cassandra_hallman is NOW AVAILABLE!! Blurb: All it took was one frat party for me to notice her. Blair Jensen. Gorgeous. Nerd. With a sharp tongue, and give-no-shits attitude. The moment she sneered jock at me I was captivated. Then she poured a beer over my head and walked away like I was nothing. Nobody turned down Cage Wilder and I knew then that I had to have her, no matter the consequences. She had bruised my ego, and made me look horrible in front of all my football buddies turning me into the laughing stock of the team, so I made a bet with them. They claimed there wasn’t anyone that could bed the icy book nerd but I knew otherwise. Forcing my way into her life was easy, but shutting off my feelings after we spend many late nights studying together wasn’t and it didn’t take long for me to discover there was so much more to Blair then what everyone seen. Sweet, funny as hell, and a believer of happily ever afters I start to fall for her. She sees me for more than a football god, and she doesn’t take any of my shit, but the bet I made still hovers over my head, the money burning in my pocket and I know that if I want more with her I’ll have to tell her the truth… before someone else does. Question is, will she still want me when she finds out what I did? **This is book six in the North Woods Series and is a complete standalone. It’s contains mature themes, and sexual content not suitable for all readers.**

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