If you’ve been wanting to read the Off Balance series by Lucia Franco, now is your last chance! The original, unedited version of the series will be taken down and replaced with the revised version very soon! Grab your copies today! Balance (Off Balance book 1) Website: http://bit.ly/2U72EI8 Google Play: http://bit.ly/3aIjrXH Apple Books: https://apple.co/36tyVLV Eden Books: http://bit.ly/2TY5Sxp Execution (Off Balance book 2) Website: http://bit.ly/3aRdA2r Google Play: http://bit.ly/36swdq1 Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/2qMqBES Apple Books: https://apple.co/38I7P5i Eden Books: http://bit.ly/3aJyvEz Release (Off Balance book 3) Website: http://bit.ly/36BM59J Google Play: http://bit.ly/38CGFfS Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/3aGuaSF Apple Books: https://apple.co/2GoNcPx Eden Books: http://bit.ly/2RQuVzV Twist (Off Balance book 4) Website: http://bit.ly/2O8sqrw Google Play: http://bit.ly/2GvT09D Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/2O2QcVX Apple Books: https://apple.co/37u9RWx Eden Books: http://bit.ly/2O1TZmc

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