WOAH! Corinne Michaels just shared her first teaser for The One for Me and I am beyond excited! I just know that Sean and Devney’s story is going to rip my heart out and I am ready for it! Releasing August 18th, pre-order today!    ● Amazon ➜ https://ift.tt/3ezuzrx ● AppleBooks ➜ https://ift.tt/2B93xIX ● Barnes & Noble ➜ https://ift.tt/2YxbwbG ● Kobo ➜  https://ift.tt/2NtmMzx ● Google Play  ➜ https://geni.us/TOFMGP ● Audio Alert➜ https://geni.us/AudioAlert   ● Goodreads  ➜ https://geni.us/TOFMGR

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