🔥🔥 FREE 🔥🔥 THE HATE VOW by Nicole French is free for a limited time! Now is your chance to start this enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriage series!  Get it here: https://ift.tt/3fbZdat Eric de Vries. Looks like millions. Worth billions. Unfortunately for this wayward heir, to keep his money, he needs a wife. And of all the women in the world, he chooses me. Too bad I’ve hated him for five years, since he took all my tears and tossed me away. The guy slept his way through half of New England and discarded women like hotel toiletries. Been there. Done that. Still…what would you do for twenty million dollars? Would you wear the dress? Fake a smile for the man who broke your heart? Or would you run far, far away? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ll see you at the church. #free #quicksilvertrilogy #needtoreaditnow #readmoreromance #nicolefrench #bookstagram #wildfiremarketingsolutions

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