GLASS HEART ACADEMY NEWS!! We have a release date, title and blurb for Lindsey Iler’s next book in the Glass Heart Academy series!! Glass Heart Broken is coming October 19, 2020!! Blurb ๐™‡๐™„๐™€๐™Ž. ๐™Ž๐™€๐˜พ๐™๐™€๐™๐™Ž. ๐™ˆ๐˜ผ๐™”๐™ƒ๐™€๐™ˆ. ๐˜›๐˜ฉ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ค๐˜ข๐˜ฎ๐˜ฑ๐˜ถ๐˜ด ๐˜ฐ๐˜ง ๐˜Ž๐˜ญ๐˜ข๐˜ด๐˜ด ๐˜๐˜ฆ๐˜ข๐˜ณ๐˜ต ๐˜ˆ๐˜ค๐˜ข๐˜ฅ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฎ๐˜บ ๐˜ธ๐˜ช๐˜ญ๐˜ญ ๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ต๐˜ฉ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ด๐˜ข๐˜ฎ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ฐ๐˜ฏ๐˜ค๐˜ฆ ๐˜ธ๐˜ฆโ€™๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ต๐˜ฉ๐˜ณ๐˜ฐ๐˜ถ๐˜จ๐˜ฉ ๐˜ธ๐˜ช๐˜ต๐˜ฉ ๐˜ช๐˜ต. ๐—ฃ๐—ฎ๐—น๐—บ๐—ฒ๐—ฟ They tried to break me, but they underestimated my strength. I didnโ€™t want to believe Marek when he told me things arenโ€™t always what they seem. Now, I know the dark truth in his words. Iโ€™m a participating player in this wicked game, but how do I know who to trust when it seems our past is doomed to repeat itself? ๐— ๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ธ Cruelty is my love language and she’s ready to make me pay for it. We both know we shouldnโ€™t want whatโ€™s right in front of us. Will she accept the dark, broken pieces of me or will she always watch over her shoulder, waiting for my blade to take pieces of her she didnโ€™t know were exposed? While we try to find ourselves in each other, darkness continues to follow us, setting off a series of events no one is prepared for. What will be the cost of exposing the truth that continues to haunt us? GOODREADS โžœ Bookstagrammers and Blogger signups are open! SIGN UP HERE:

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