💥🙊 SURPRISE COVER REVEAL & PREORDER 🙊💥 Preorder here → https://ift.tt/337tvIw Release: August 13, 2020 Title: LUIS Author: Billie Jo Model: Cristina Ortiz & Grandson of Stacy Powell Photog: SP Photography Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs Genre: Womens Fiction Blurb: Some women are given the gift to be able to have children, while others struggle for years to get pregnant only for it to never happen… Brandi had always wanted to be a mother – but it’s the one thing in life she was never able to have – until Ana. When Ana, a childhood friend of Brandi’s niece called and said she was pregnant and couldn’t keep it, Brandi was ecstatic. Finally, she’d get the chance to be a mother! But a few months after bringing baby Luis home, things started to change and naturally the mama bear instincts kicked in. And you know what happens when you back mama bear into a corner? She comes for blood.. To upcoming book releases and other book related news you can follow Billie Jo on Facebook of Amazon. FB → https://ift.tt/30YtLGZ Amazon → https://ift.tt/30fx11L ARC Sign Ups – https://ift.tt/2CQWWny

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