The Grip Trilogy Box Set Releases Oct 1! 🎡 Regular price will be $9.99. Release sale 99c for only a few days! So grabbing it as soon as it’s out is SMART! 🎡 It will be in Kindle Unlimited! 🎡 The individual titles, Flow, Grip & Still are getting new covers for ebook & paperback. The box set paperback is over 800 pages! 🎡 Bloggers/Grammers! Kennedy’s giving signed box set paperbacks to (5) of you who are signed up to promote. (5) winners will be randomly selected from the promo sign up sheet! 🖋 SIGN UP HERE: 🎡There will be a GRIP Box! It will have 3 price tiers, going from most affordable to our Luxe Box. There will be no “running out.” We’ll take pre-orders starting Oct 1, but only for 2 weeks. We’ll honor all orders placed in that 2-week window, but once it’s over, it’s over! So make sure you don’t miss. The pre-order alert is here: 📢

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