SURPRISE! Halloween has come early with no tricks, only treats! Micaela’s Big Bad, all-new paranormal novella with a mysterious twist from New York Times bestselling author Tijan and Before You Ghost, a laugh out loud rom com from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting and bestselling author Debra Anastasia, are available now! Download Micaela’s Big Bad today! Amazon: Amazon Worldwide: Kobo: Apple Books: About Micaela’s Big Bad I found my boyfriend mid-thrust in a vampire. Gross. WTH, right? Also, a fork might’ve been thrown. I expected to spend the night commiserating with my best friend. That didn’t happen. I found myself on a mission to save her. And somehow, I woke up in the back of a vehicle, across from a guy who could be described as literal sex on a stick. Then I found out a few things: He’s seriously and overwhelmingly powerful. He’s hot, like holy cannoli hot. He’s the Big Bad that I’ve been sensing, but no one knew what kind of a Big Bad he was. Oh, and apparently, he’s kidnapped me. Download Before You Ghost today for 99¢ or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Amazon: Amazon Worldwide: About Before You Ghost It’s hard to miss your boyfriend when he’s standing right next to you being a sarcastic nimrod. I have a temper and he has an attitude. Our antics inside and outside the bedroom are off the charts. Half the time we’re giving each other a hard time just to get to the good times. Things get more complicated when he’s all those things and dead as well. Evan’s a newly formed ghost, and I’m Sammi, the girlfriend whose lady bits are accused of being so strong they shot him off a cliff. Our new life is tinged with pirates, mermaids, undead carjackers who look like they should be on the set of a horror movie, and a nefarious ghost that has it out for me. The worst part? We ha

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