If looks could kill, I’d be a charred pile of ash on the sidewalk. I need to know why she hates me. NOW LIVE The Art of Falling for You by Maya Hughes Amazon Exclusive getbook.at/AmazonTAOFFY Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited ABOUT “Are you stalking me?” “We live right next door to each other, New Girl.” Bay Bishop aka The New Girl is my new neighbor. Glasses, stage crew black clothes and a knack for fading into the background. She’s probably the only one who rolls her eyes when I walk past instead of cheering on my last touchdown play. But before I can shove her into the recesses of my mind filed under “Not my problem” she lands herself smack dab in the middle of my dreams. I catch her singing with a voice unlike any I’ve heard before that taps into feelings I shouldn’t have for the girl who avoids me at all costs. I need to know why she hates me. With three months until graduation, the final play is on. Only it’s not for more points. It’s for Bay. Unlike my success on the field, this win is anything but assured. But I can’t stop myself from taking the risk. There’s no flashing scoreboard. There’s no cheering crowd. There’s only her and me. The countdown clock is ticking. The only thing scarier about finding my first love will be losing her. The Art of Falling for You is the first book in the new Fulton U universe sports romance, Falling trilogy. EXCERPT Kissing her was a mistake. It was supposed to be the period at the end of the sentence, closing the book on this attraction between us. I’d thought maybe she’d slap me or shove me away. Instead, she’d met my lips with her own uncontainable desire. I’d pressed my hand against the small of her back and held her face to mine. Staring into her eyes, I knew it wasn’t the end of anything. I’d dropped a lit match into a warehouse of fireworks, and all I had was a garden hose to fight this fire. COMING SOON IN FALLING TRILOGY PREORDER BOOK 2  – THE SIN OF KISSING YOU – April 8, 2021 TSOKY Amazon getbook.at/AmazonTSOKY ADD TO YOUR TBR! THE SIN OF KISSING YOU (Book 2) http://bit.ly/GRTSOKY THE HATE OF LOVING YOU (Book 3) http://bit.ly/GRTHOLY #TAOFFY #mayahughes #newrelease #comingsoon #sportsromance #secrets #

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