#NewRelease Savage Ending by @LisaReneeJones is out NOW! This is the fourth and final book in the Savage Series! Visit https://ift.tt/3vr4zH4 or your preferred retailer to get your copy! *ABOUT THE BOOK* A man, a former assassin, who is now in love, a man preparing for his wedding, who vows to leave the killing behind him. That is, until someone sets their eyes on revenge and goes after his woman. Now someone is going to find out just what a Savage he really is. *MINI-EXCERPT* I press into him and we’re kissing and touching until he falls backward onto the mattress with me on top of him, hands pressed to his shoulders. “Rick,” I say and then I add, “Savage.” He rolls me over onto my back, fitting his big, powerful body over mine, holding my hands to the side of my head with his hands. “Don’t call me that,” he says. “Rick. You call me Rick.” “You don’t get to be one person with me and another with everyone else. Be Savage. He turns me on. And I happen to love him.” His lashes lower, his jaw set tight, his face skyward, turbulence radiating from him before he fixes me in an intense stare. Still holding my hands, he leans in, inhaling my scent, a floral perfume I know he loves. His lips brush my ear as he says, “What are you doing to me and us, woman?” “Making sure forever means forever.” He stares at me with those intense eyes that I imagine pierce an enemy’s soul as surely as they do mine. He doesn’t speak, but he leans in closer and nuzzles my neck. His lips brush the delicate skin there. He kisses it, the sensation hot and warm. His lips tease a delicious path over my jaw to my lips where they linger as he says, “I have no intention of losing you again. Whatever I have to do to protect you and us, I will.” #NewRelease #WalkerSecurity #OneClick #Kindle #Instareads #Bookstagram #IGreads #LisaReneeJones #SavageSeries #SavageLove #Savage #SavageEnding #RomanticSuspense #Romance #1click

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