KISS AND DON’T TELL by Meghan Quinn Release Date: September 21st PREORDER IS AVAILABLE!!!  Amazon: Audio, Releasing 9/22: Add to Goodreads: EXCERPT:  I can’t seem to keep my hands off her. No matter what I try, I’m drawn to her. My hands need to stroke her. I need that connection. And while we were in the gym, there was a hell of a lot more I wanted to do with her, and it didn’t involve lifting weights. I wanted to lie down across the bench and pin her there while I found out what her lips tasted like. Push her up against the mirror and watch her face as I slowly peeled down her bike shorts to expose that beautiful ass of hers. I wanted to make her know what it feels like to be with a real man. A man who would take care of her. My will is slipping with her. I can feel it, especially the frustration I felt when she suggested asking one of the other guys to take her into town. Screw that. I would’ve been pissed. She thinks she’s taking up too much of my time, when really, I want more of hers. And I want to be the one who shows her the town of Banff. I want to see her face light up when she takes in the picturesque views. Not Eli . . . because I know that’s who would probably take her if she asked. Dressed in a pair of navy-blue chino shorts and a simple white T-shirt, I head down the hallway, slipping past her door and into the main living space. The boys are gathered at the table, plates of eggs in front of them, Stephan at the helm in the kitchen. The chatter at the table slowly dies out as I walk by them, and I know I’m about to get shit because normally I wouldn’t be dressed like this. If Winnie weren’t here, we’d all be in a pair of athletic shorts and no shirt, but that’s not the case.

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