🔥🔥SPECIAL EDITION HARDCOVERS🔥🔥 Saffron A. Kent is pleased and ecstatic (also a little teary-eyed) to announce that she now has special edition hardcovers made for the St. Mary’s Rebels series. These hardcovers are available to purchase right alongside the OG covers (ebook + paperback): 👉Amazonhttps://https://ift.tt/33RnGlb) 👉My website store (https://ift.tt/3r3rmsX) 👉Other stores such as B&N, book depository etc are coming soon! (should go live in a day or two)! Guys, these have been in the works for months, MONTHSSSSS. I swear this was the first time I hated the holidays because they slowed these covers down. But anyway, this is my vision. This is how I see these girls. This is what I pictured while writing and I just want to bow down to @qamberdesigns and her team. My vision wouldn’t have come true without their endless talent and patience. These guys have been making my covers look good since 2017 and I owe them all the thanks 💜 Hope you love these as much as I do. They make me so proud and emotional.  PS: To those who care — HEY, MISTER MARSHALL will also be getting a special edition hardcover. We will reveal them a little closer to the release date (June 14) #hardcovers #readyourheartout #needtoreaditnow #wildfiremarketingsolutions

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