NOW LIVE! The Boss Project by Vi Keeland is available now!   “Such a beautiful story and a top read of 2022!” – Miss Petite Brunette Book Blog   “THE BOSS PROJECT is unputdownable! It’s a witty, sizzling hot, moving and swoony story!” – Goodreads reviewer   “Wonderfully written, a great storyline and such glorious banter this book is so much more than 5 stars.” – Goodreads reviewer   Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU: B&N: Kobo: Apple Books: Google Play: Paperback: Audio:   Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩ The first time I met Merrick Crawford was during my job interview. Well, technically, I’d met him twenty minutes earlier when he’d barged into a fitting room a few doors down from my appointment. I yelled.  He yelled.  After an argument while standing in my bra, I proceeded to smash the door into the gorgeous jerk, trying to yank it shut. As you might imagine, I was freaked out when I discovered that the rude guy was my potential new boss. Yet he didn’t seem to recognize me. Or so I thought…  Until we wound up bickering again during my interview and he told me to go sniff my armpit. Okay, so maybe I hadn’t exactly been changing when he walked in on me.  In my defense, I’d been stuck on a hot train for two hours and wanted to make sure I didn’t smell. I obviously didn’t expect to get the job. But somehow an invitation to a second interview arrived in my inbox. Before I left, I asked to see Merrick.  I needed to know why I was even in consideration after our disastrous start. Turned out, Merrick only wanted to hire me because I was the least competent candidate.  It seemed his board was making him fill the position, against his wishes. I didn’t really want to work in a place where my boss expected me to fail.  But I figured maybe I’d enjoy proving him wrong. It was a little thing I dubbed the boss project. What I wasn’t

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