🎧 🎧 Pre Order Alert 🎧 🎧 Calling All Dark Enemies-to-Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance Fans!! This is one you are not going to want to miss! Pre-Order Now!Β  Deity (Boys of Winter, Book 4) by @sheridan.anne.author Narrated by @kelseydnavarro Produced & Published by @pinkflamingo_productions Goes Live Monday July 25th! Audible US 🎧 https://adbl.co/3PwiTru Audible UK 🎧 https://adbl.co/3aNpfUM Β  Blurb:Β  Betrayal cuts deeper than any knife stabbed through your back. It slices through you and makes you wish for the sweet demise of a bullet shot straight out of Carver’s gun. I trusted them. King, Cruz, Grayson, and Carver were not only the Kings of Ravenwood Heights but the kings of my heart, and now…they’re my executioners. They took away everything I had. They stole my heart and made me believe in love. I should have trusted my gut. They gave me hope, and I was a fool who followed them blindly. Never again. I may have nothing left and not a damn soul in my corner, but I’m not nearly through. I. Am. Dynasty. I am my parents’ legacy, and I won’t stop until I’ve taken back what’s rightfully mine. Watch out, boys. You’ve crossed the wrong bitch. I’m coming for you, and this time, I won’t back down. This timeβ€”I’m fighting until the end. Boys of Winter is a dark enemies-to-lovers reverse-harem romance. It contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, and coarse language. #PreOrder #PreOrderBlitz #DeityAudioTour #SheridanAnne #KelseyNavarro #PinkFlamingoProductions #EnemiesToLovers #DarkRomance #ReverseHarem #RH

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