1 DAY The Close-Up by Kennedy Ryan releases TOMORROW! ebook | audio | paperback 🔗 Pre-Order: https://ift.tt/w1sabRr ******************************* “Well, now that you have me here,” I say, allowing a hint of challenge to enter my voice, “do you even know what you want to do with me?” My words, the taunt erases any tinge of doubt in his stare, and he invades my space, crowding me against the half-open door. Does he realize I lured him this close? That he’s exactly where I want him? I’ve been around athletes, directors, actors, musicians, powerful men a lot. Men who like to chase and catch. Big, intimidating, commanding—Naz is no different, yet he’s like no man I’ve been with before. He’s not even like the Naz I knew before. “I know exactly what I want to do with you.” He closes in until his scent and heat curl around me. “You should be asking yourself if you can take it.” ******************************* 🇹🇹Trini heroine 🏀NBA Baller 🖤2nd Chance 💄Celebrity make-up artist 🛥️Italian yacht cruise 🧡HOOPS characters reunion! Iris, August, Banner, Jared, Lotus & Kenan all on one boat!

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