👻🖤SURPRISE COVER REVEAL!🖤👻 Spring Meadows by Cheri Marie is a YA Spooky Paranormal story just in time for Halloween! Cover Design: Tattered Quill Designs Formatting: Crazy Bird Imagination Editing: TLO Editing & Proofreading Services Cover Photography: Gigi Photography Studios Cover Model: Skyler Release Date: September 20, 2022 Blurb: Deciding to pack up and leave the only home I’ve ever known wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a necessary one. I needed a fresh start. A place where I could keep my past, as unbelievable as it was, a secret. I’ve allowed my new friends to talk me into exploring an abandoned, supposedly haunted asylum… After what happened a year and a half ago, I swore I’d never dabble in the paranormal ever again. But here I am, waiting for my friends to show up to go explore this creepy place. I should have followed my gut. I should have just said no.The past I’ve tried so hard to keep a secret is in danger of coming to light and I don’t think there’s any way to stop it. #SpringMeadows #Paranormal #YA #Halloween #SpookyStories #haunted #ghosts #hauntedasylum #fiction #shortstory

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