NOW LIVE! WINGSPAN by Cambria Hebert is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!   “one of my top reads this year!” – Goodreads reviewer   “This book is everything I love about romance. It’s fervent, fiery, steamy, sweet, charming, comforting, and simply irresistible.” – Lox on Books   “Absolute perfection! …I loved everything about Wingspan.” – Goodreads reviewer   US: UK: CA: AU: PAPERBACK:   Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩   Ever feel like you’re being watched? It’s an awareness so familiar I adapted to it long ago. Then I enrolled at Westbrook University to chase my dream and make up for someone else’s lost one. The prying eyes I’d known almost since birth… They closed. Even still, I never got too close. I made friends with everyone but confided in no one. My dates were carefully chosen, meaning I went out with guys I didn’t really like. And then I was attacked. I slept in Jamie’s bed while he stayed near me on the floor. He gave me his number, told me to call. Oh, I wanted to call. But I didn’t. Now those invisible, observant eyes that always seemed familiar have returned. But this time? They chill me to the bone. Someone is watching. Lurking. And it’s only a matter of time until whoever is out there does more than stare. The only place I feel truly safe is wrapped in the massive wingspan of an Elite swimmer. The very man I know I need to avoid. But as shit goes down, it becomes clear I’m going to have to surrender something… My heart or my life.     ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE WESTBROOK ELITE SERIES   #1 WET   Free in Kindle Unlimited     #WINGSPAN #CambriaHebert #WestbrookElite #newbooks #sportsromance #hotswimmers #steamyreads #collegeromance #kindlebooks #overprotectiveboyfriend #romanticsuspense #givemebookspr #bromance #stalking #swimmerromance

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