★EXCERPT REVEAL★ Take a peek inside 𝐁𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲 by Alison Rhymes, coming October 25th! This is an enemies to lovers, second chance romance that you won’t want to miss! Pre-order today! Links in bio @alisonrhymes Review Sign Up: @wordsmithpublicity   I’m here to heal Noah’s body, if I can heal some portion of my guilt in the process… all the better.   Running Noah through various stretches and simple strength exercises, I quickly get an understanding of the condition of his body. He’s still in excellent shape, his only hinderance is from the hip injury.   “It’s been years since your injury. Did you quit physical therapy earlier than you should have?” I ask as I guide him through a few poses. To his credit, he hasn’t complained about me keeping his routine to mostly yoga today. A few athletes I worked with in San Francisco threw fits if I even suggested it. Noah’s taken it with grace. Honestly, his flexibility is light years ahead of where I expected it to be. There’s still room for improvement, but it won’t take long to get him where he should be.   “No, I think I just had a horrible therapist. She was a bitch. I didn’t like her much,” he answers.   “You don’t like me much, either.”   “I’ll do my best not to run you off until after I’m healed.”   “For what you’re paying me, it will take a lot to get me packing.”   “We’ll see,” he says ominously.   I finish his workout with a massage and some assisted stretching, aiming to further loosen his muscles. Once done, I retreat to my room as fast as I can. Being professional with Noah is going to be hard. Having my hands on him, running them along his taut body, reminds me of better times. Reminds me of what I gave up.   What I threw away.   #enemiestolovers #secondchanceromance #falsestart #brutalplay #alisonrhymes #angst #romance #wordsmithpublicity

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