▪️COMING SOON▪️ • WICKED will be here in TWO WEEKS!! • Make sure to preorder this all-new STANDALONE, forbidden dark MC/Mafia forbidden romance TODAY!! • Preorder your copy today: Amazon: https://amzn.to/3dPdfmR Apple: https://ift.tt/MlPJAN3 Kobo: https://ift.tt/d0ykGZN B&N: https://ift.tt/BRVs2Km **wide preorder KU on release day** • Blurb: I remember the day he walked through our front door, bloodied and broken with the kind of torment that breeds, but never dies. Papa had one rule for him. Stay away from his daughter. He didn’t. Years later, he crashes back into my life and tears down all of the walls I built up around myself. We’re both hiding secrets, but when the mafia world collides with the MC world, the shrapnel could destroy everyone around us. Now the president of the Chicago chapter, not even I was prepared for his return. He’s going to see that I’m no longer the precious princess of the Cosa Nostra, and I won’t play his games anymore. He’ll play mine. This is a story about two souls destined to be together, but who are trapped in bodies that hate each other. It’s what happens when you both let love kill you. • #wicked #amojones #amojonesbooks #mafiaromance #standaloneromance #mcromance #forbiddenromance #comingsoon #preordertoday

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