Fallen Crest is turning TEN and to celebrate author @tijansbooks has revealed the gorgeous special edition paperbacks! Get your copies now, and read Fallen Crest High for FREE! Fallen Crest High – FREE! https://ift.tt/cD2iLtC Fallen Crest Family https://ift.tt/Vs9HXpG Fallen Crest Public https://ift.tt/2IPAOQ4 Fallen Fourth Down https://ift.tt/UZE5wNV Fallen Crest University https://ift.tt/LkYOEvu Logan Kade https://ift.tt/AXC0TMi Fallen Crest Home https://ift.tt/Y68Uu7e Fallen Crest Forever https://ift.tt/Tcxlg9L Mason https://ift.tt/HmcRIKV The Boy I Grew Up With https://ift.tt/zfyxKuM Nate https://ift.tt/Qfa7D0B #FallenCrest #SpecialEdition #BookAnniversary #Tijan #ContemporaryRomance #SeriesAnniversary #bookcollector #specialeditioncovers

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