Title: Wicked Liars
Series: Windsor Academy #1
Author: Laura Lee
Genre: High School Bully Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2020

Every last one of
The kings and
queens of my new high school.
The father and
stepmother I never knew. 
Each has more
wealth and privilege than I could’ve ever imagined.
Each has a pile
of wicked dirty secrets they’d do anything to protect.
These people have
grown accustomed to getting what they want, and what they want is to make my
life a living hell.
Too bad for them,
you can’t break someone who’s already broken.
Too bad for them,
I won’t give up without a fight.
Too bad for them,
I’m going to make them pay…even if 
it’s the last thing I do.
*Wicked Liars is
book one of the Windsor Academy series. This is a dark high school bully
romance that may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Due to mature subject
matter, it is recommended for readers 18+ only. 
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Author Bio
passion has always been storytelling. She spent most of her life with her nose
in a book thinking of alternate endings or continuations to the story. She won
her first writing contest at the ripe old age of nine, earning a trip to the
state capital to showcase her manuscript. Thankfully for her, those early works
will never see the light of day again!
Laura lives
in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children,
and three of the most poorly behaved cats in existence. She likes her fruit
smoothies filled with rum, her cupboards stocked with Cadbury’s chocolate, and
her music turned up loud. When she’s not writing or watching HGTV, she’s
reading anything she can get her hands on. She’s a sucker for spicy romances,
especially those involving vampires, bad boys, or cowboys!
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Wicked Liars (Windsor Academy #1)Wicked Liars by Laura Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bully Romances are my obsession! I make no qualms about this. They are definitely one of my favorite tropes and this book was just added to my list of favorites. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this book and I am dying to read more in this world created by Laura Lee. It is dark and intense. It is emotional and angsty. It is a complete roller coaster ride that I did not want to end. I am loving the start of this series and I am ready for the next one. I can’t wait to see what Laura Lee has in store for us.

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Lucky Bastard by Kaylee Ryan Cover Reveal


Title: Lucky Bastard

A Cocky Hero Club Novel

Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Photo: Wander Aguiar

Model: Pat Tanski

Release Date: May 17, 2020


When my
best friend Aubrey asked me to tag along to an event with her, I never could
have imagined that it would be the day that my life changed forever.
arrogant and demanding and doesn’t take a hint. Landon Barker, the quarterback
for the Hermosa Beach Trojans, is a player on and off of the field. He’s got
his sights set on me as his next play, but I see right through him. Aubrey says
I’m overreacting, that I should give him a chance. What she doesn’t realize is
men like Landon don’t fall for the girl next door. That’s not reality. She got
her fairytale, although it was a long road. Not all of us are that lucky.
She’s a
friend of our new kicking coach’s wife. When I ask Chance for her number, he
tells me I have to find a way to get it myself.
when it comes to Emma has been easy. She’s the first woman ever to turn me
down, and that won’t do. However, as time passes, it’s about more than that.
It’s about her smile, her laugh, and just spending time with her. She thinks
I’m a player, and she’s right. What she doesn’t know is that I play to win, and
her heart is the ultimate trophy.
Author Bio
Kaylee Ryan is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling
author.  When she’s not spinning tales of happily ever after, she’s
reading or spending time with family.  Born and raised an Ohio girl,
Kaylee resides in Cincinnati with her husband and their son.
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Bury Me With Lies by S.M. Soto Release Blitz

BMWL - RB banner

“A heart-pounding mystery that will have you turning the pages all night.” – Vivian Wood, USA Today bestselling author

Bury Me With Lies, the highly-anticipated conclusion to the mind-bending Twin Lies Duet by S.M. Soto is available now!


Some secrets are better left buried…

Stuck between life and death, Mackenzie is hell-bent on proving her innocence, and getting revenge on the men who murdered her sister. With one series of unfortunate events after another, Mackenzie must outrun her own fate—death.

When secrets unravel and lies become twisted betrayals, Mackenzie finds herself in more danger than she could’ve realized. Her only saving grace is Baz, the elusive playboy she’s given her heart to. But will placing her trust in a man like Baz be her downfall?

BMWL - wide AN

Download your copy today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TVtB0J

Apple Books: https://apple.co/2OFjU43

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/burylies

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Start the duet with Kiss Me With Lies!

Free in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon: https://amzn.to/34SyJ9b

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/KisswLies

Amazon Paperback: https://amzn.to/34JUIyK

SMSotoLogoAbout S.M. Soto

S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern, California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She refers to herself as a bit of a romance junkie. S.M. loves to connect with readers and eat copious of donuts that will surely lead to her demise.

Connect with S.M. Soto

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2RQVKEb

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A King So Cold by Ella Fields Cover Reveal




A KING SO COLD (Royals #1) by Ella Fields

Release Date: May 6th

Cover Designer: Okay Creations


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Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2HMvN3W
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2vh5Aaq
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2SxRBFc
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/38bj8Da






When marrying your enemy is only the beginning…


Once upon a time, there lived a princess so cruel that even her husband tried to destroy her.

The results left her without a father, her husband without a memory, and herself as queen to a kingdom on the cusp of war.

Even so, after learning of her treasonous husband’s upcoming nuptials, she set out to find him and locked him in her dungeon. There, and only there, would she unveil a time when she once allowed herself to be vulnerable. A past detailing how her heart was coaxed to beat outside her chest, only to have it crushed by the cold hands of betrayal.

But true vengeance will need to wait. War is coming, and with it, decisions and danger masked in treacherous beauty.

All too soon, the young queen will learn that time could be the most dangerous foe of all.

For it is time that would reveal all the ways a dead heart can beat anew.


From bestselling author, Ella Fields comes an all new sexy, action-packed, adult fantasy romance. Recommended for 18+






About the Author:
Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in Australia.  

While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters to her cat, Bert, and dog, Grub.  

She’s a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters.


Connect w/Ella:
Website: https://ellafields.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorellafields
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1193287744116115
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Harvest of Sighs by Sierra Simone Teaser


HARVEST OF SIGHS (Thornchapel #3) by Sierra Simone
Release Date: May 1st


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Amazon: sierrasim.one/kindlesighs

Amazon Universal: mybook.to/harvestofsighs

Apple Books: sierrasim.one/applesighs

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A LESSON IN THORNS (Thornchapel #1)

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2OgiJGp

Amazon INTL: mybook.to/ALIT

B&N: http://bit.ly/2UO1VsN

Apple Books: https://apple.co/2HJxKiI


FEAST OF SPARKS (Thornchapel #2)

Amazon US: http://mybook.to/feastofsparks

Amazon INTL: http://mybook.to/feastofsparks

Apple Books: https://sierrasim.one/iSparks

Nook: sierrasim.one/NookSparks

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The genius and the sunshine girl. As children, we fought bitterly and often, bickering every chance we got.

But then we grew up.
Then we came back.

Delphine Dansey carries her heart on the outside of her body; she’s looking for love and chasing dreams. She’s spoiled and selfish, the kind of beautiful that’s made for money and fame. But somehow she’s ended up in my keeping: a pretty submissive I can’t seem to resist, a lover who obsesses and tempts me.

I thought I’d locked my heart away a long time ago, along with all my other weaknesses. But some doors won’t stay closed, no matter how hard I fight to keep them shut. She unravels me, just like our friends are unraveling, just like Thornchapel itself is unraveling.

All year long, we’ve been sowing lust and jealousy and pain, heedless of the consequences. But a harvest is inevitable, and so now we must reap our sorrows.

And our sighs.

*Harvest of Sighs is Book Three in the Thornchapel series.*






About the Author:
Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

Connect w/Sierra Simone:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sierra-Simone-497450453680395/?fref=ts
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SierraSimonesLambs
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Amazon : http://amzn.to/1PDR4K4
Goodreads : http://bit.ly/1oo9WEh
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thesierrasimone/
Website: http://authorsierrasimone.com/

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Southern Storms by Brittainy C. Cherry Release Blitz

Southern Storm - RB banner

Even the town’s black sheep needed a friend sometimes

Southern Storms, an all-new, beautifully emotional and moving standalone romance from Brittainy C. Cherry, is available now!

SouthernStorms AMAZON

All I wanted to do was run away, I never expected to crash into his arms…

After leaving the city life behind to escape my loveless marriage, I moved to small town Havenbarrow for a fresh start.

What I didn’t expect was to find myself drawn to the town’s black sheep.

They called him troubled. Cold. A man with a dark past.

What everyone seemed to miss about Jax was the splashes of light in his eyes. The random acts of kindness he performed when no one was watching. The way he made me smile and laugh.

Jax helped unpack the baggage I’d been carrying around with me. He was patient with my pain and gentle with my scars. He was the stillness during my hurricane.

Yet when both of our pasts come back to haunt our present days, we realized quickly that sometimes love stories didn’t end the way we’d hoped.

Sometimes you were left with only the damage from the storm.

Southern Storm - AN

Download your copy today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3bJYlYJ

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/SouthernStorms

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About Brittainy:

Author Brittainy C. Cherry is an Amazon #1 bestselling author.

She has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing.

Her novels have been published in 18+ countries around the world. Brittainy lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin with her fur babies.

Connect with Brittainy:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2Fc8izo

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2Oe1m8V

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Unicorn Untamed by Lin Reynolds Blog Tour

UU - BT banner

What if you could learn the tools to take the bad sh*it . . . and turn it into a beautiful sparkle?

Unicorn Untamed: Turning Sh*t to Sparkle, a journey of messy self-discovery by Lin Reynolds, is available now!


We’ve all done things we’re not proud of.

We all struggle with emotions we’re ashamed of.

We all have darkness we try to hide.

What if you could learn the tools to take the bad shit . . . and turn it into a beautiful sparkle?

Unicorn Untamed takes you on a journey of messy, uncomfortable self-discovery with some hard truths to help you become a better version of yourself . . . your true unicorn self.


Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Gf1SjP

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/UnicornUntamed

Amazon Paperback: https://amzn.to/2UE6VS0

Add UNICORN UNTAMED to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/37lZnIK

UU - Teaser 11


Chapter One:

I’m such a walking contradiction. I sugarcoat but have diarrhea of the mouth…and share a lot of TMI. I’m a huge Diva and a Zen loving peacemaker. I’m selfish and I’m giving. I’m definitely a lover and not much of a fighter, but I have learned in my 40s that I am done taking shit from people. I will easily walk away from a friendship that’s become more taking than giving, more drama than fun, or more difficult than easy. I have always been told that I am extremely inclusive and great at making people feel welcome and comfortable, and that is just a natural trait for me. I am a lover of all, but I think people who don’t know me very well would be shocked and surprised at some of the shit life has thrown my way and some of the shit I’ve done to others.

My best friend’s husband always says, “you have the worst karma,”but I always think I have the best karma. I don’t dwell on the bad shit, I never have. There’s a lot of things that I could have allowed to be an excuse for poor behavior. I was molested. My biological father beat the shit out of my mom in front of us all the time. I was bullied in school from ages eleven to thirteen, and not a lot of people know about that because I kept it inside. I watched a man get run over and saw his brain bouncing on the road when I was eleven. I was in bad relationships just like most of us at one point or another. I have been arrested multiple times. I have gone home with complete strangers and put myself in some shady situations. I have manipulated people to get what I wanted. I have gossiped and stabbed people in the back. I gave my baby sister alcohol when she was 13 or 14 and hid in the bathroom when she visited to get high. I have bounced checks to people in my family, and I have borrowed money that never got paid back. I have reacted impulsively and created drama because of insecurities and anxiety. I have stolen money from people to buy drugs and justified it along the way. I even took a friend to have surgery one time, only to realize her surgeon was my fuck buddy and we had to both pretend we didn’t know each other. I have been in pain since I was 15 years old and have a spine that just continues to deteriorate with an incurable disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have been physically abusive while drinking to pretty much every man I’ve ever been with (fortunately I don’t do this anymore).

Despite all of this –I am a good person. I am nice, sometimes to a fault. I am the most forgiving person and truly see the absolute best in every situation. I have grown tremendously and learned from my many mistakes. I have had to make amends to friendships and family members that I’ve damaged. That took a lot of work and a lot of being careful not to do more damage. Most of the bad behavior was in my early 20s, and I think that might be true for a lot of us. I spent years allowing guilt and remorse to dominate my thoughts. It takes a lot for us to be able to forgive ourselves for some of the things we did in our past, but that is the most important step in being able to move forward and opening the door for others to forgive you as well. I have done a huge amount of personal development and growth work over the years, and I feel like it makes me qualified to share some of the tools I have used to grow through the bad shit. There truly can be a sparkly lining in every situation. While we are in it, sometimes it feels like we will never find our way out of the heavy darkness or the shit storms we may have created for ourselves. I promise you, there is. There will always be a shiny lesson to learn from the chaotic madness. It requires intentional focus and a willingness to do the work to shift our mindset. It also requires us to admit that for the most part, our current reality and present situation is of our own creation. The reason I share a lot of these things is so that you know this book isn’t coming from someone who has never been through the shit with you. If you are ready and willing to be open to taking a true, honest look in creating self-awareness and seeing where you may be contributing to your present circumstances—then you are ready to bring out your true unicorn self. Here we grow, y’all!


About Lin

Lin is a middle-aged unicorn . . . proof that you really can do or be anything. She considers herself a fun enthusiast, a queso connoisseur, and is highly obsessed with Bret Michaels and glitter. She lives in East TX with her husband and 2 fur babies and hates responsibility, spiders, and adulting.

Connect with Lin

Instagram: @lin.reynolds.unicorn http://bit.ly/2tBrtAX

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2Gf2V3f

YouTube: http://bit.ly/2tEoY0F

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RzxFS2

Website: https://linreynolds.com

Join Lin’s Unicorn Untamed Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2G5KQom

Unicorn Untamed: A Journey of Messy Self-DiscoveryUnicorn Untamed: A Journey of Messy Self-Discovery by Lin Reynolds

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book to be insightful and so relatable. It was funny. It was emotional. It was thoughtful and made me think. This is not my normal read, but I found myself completely intrigued. I really enjoyed this book. I definitely look forward to see what else Lin Reynolds will bring us.

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