*****NEW RELEASE***** MATES Shifter Royalty By R. Knight Half my soul is missing, cruelly torn from me by the revolutionist group, Lycaon. The seer was right: A war is coming. Even with the Mother Goddess gifting me with my seven mates, our success is not assured. Secrets and lies threaten to tear us apart. Will we survive what is still to come? This is a paranormal, reverse harem series where the girl gets all the hot guys. It is intended for a mature audience aged 18+ due to sexual scenes and adult language Link: https://ift.tt/yreO8Iq #authorrknight #paranormalromance #reverseharem #whychoose #kindleunlimited #NewRelease #largeharem #shifterromance

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🔥🔥HOT NEW RELEASE🔥🔥 SOMEONE ELSE’S SHADOW by Monica James is LIVE! #1ClickHere   Kindle: https://ift.tt/KWvZiH4 Nook: https://ift.tt/iGbZzvj Kobo: https://ift.tt/N4svCx1 Apple: https://ift.tt/HJLgC3E My name is Peyton Lane, and I have no idea who I am. Six months ago, I woke from a coma with no recollection of anybody, anything. My family tells me that I’m a good woman, that I’m loved. It seems I’ve lived a full, rewarding life, but I would give all of it up in a heartbeat to remember who I was. My mind is a blank slate. Every moment in time wiped clean. But there is one thing I can remember, something I haven’t dared to tell anyone about—a mysterious oak tree, a red ribbon, and a vision of drowning. I know the answers I seek lie buried at the bottom of a lake. And that’s why I’m here in South Carolina. The memory I have is something I witnessed… So I wonder what it would feel like to remember…remember who I was, but more importantly, remember what I did. #newrelease #needtoreaditnow #readmoreromance #wildfiremarketingsolutions

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🔥🔥HOT NEW RELEASE🔥🔥 BLACK KNIGHT by Aleatha Romig is LIVE! #1ClickHere Amazon Universal mybook.to/BlackKnightAR Apple https://ift.tt/xqmopvd Nook https://bit.ly/3w1NcA2 Kobo https://ift.tt/uGgYjD4 Google Play https://bit.ly/3LngoGx Amazon Paperback https://ift.tt/jSF7va4 Nook Paperback https://bit.ly/3v7yJkY “Somewhere in the world there is a defeat for everyone. Some are destroyed be defeat, and some made small and mean by victory. Greatness lives in one who triumphs equal over defeat and victory.” ~ John Steinbeck, ‘The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights’. When the secrets of Donovan’s past sins are revealed, his and Julia’s snow globe is threatened. With both personal and business endeavors at stake, he and Julia are forced to face the threats and dangers head on, recognizing that villains don’t always lurk in the shadows and allies come from the most unexpected of places. Who will be left standing when the final curtain falls? Will what started on a dark snowy night, survive the sun’s light? Don’t miss a second of the much-anticipated conclusion to the Sin series. From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a brand-new age-gap, family saga, chance meeting, contemporary romantic-suspense novel in the world of high finance, where success is sweet and revenge is sweeter.  Have you been Aleatha’d? *BLACK KNIGHT, a full-length novel, is book four, the final novel in the Sin Series. Join the emotional ride along the white ribbon, begin with RED SIN, continue with GREEN ENVY and GOLD LUST, and find the dramatic conclusion in BLACK KNIGHT. Binge the completed series with RED SIN here: https://ift.tt/6oybxQn #newrelease #needtoreaditnow #readmoreromance #wildfiremarketingsolutions